Kaakbay Entre-Workers Cooperative’s name combines the words entrepreneur, workers, and cooperative which perfectly fits the essence of the organization since its members are both entrepreneurs and workers. Entrepreneurs because they invested capital to the cooperative and workers since they are the same laborers who started the operations.

The cooperative manufactures paper-based binders, desk organizers, dividers, filers, transfer filers, fan-shape sorters, folders, and alike since 1998. Initially registered as Kaakbay Producers Cooperative, it was founded by 16 founding cooperator-members who separated from a private corporation in the same industry.


Kaakbay, like other organizations, encountered quality issues and bottlenecks in production. These issues resulted in the high occurrence of rejects, reworks, and raw material wastages.

It addressed these issues with the help of DOST through its programs and services in 2008 and 2013. Throughout the duration of the involvement with DOST, the cooperative availed of ring and rado lock, slide rails, and die cutting machine. DOST also offered consultancy services on Cleaner Production Assessment and productivity improvement through the Manufacturing Productivity Extension (MPEX) program.

The technological innovations resulted to a 132% increase in gross sales, improved product quality, 50% reduction in reworks and rejects, decrease in customer returns, and 80% increase in production quality.


SETUP Success
Kaakbay Entre-Workers Cooperative