DOST VI Accredited Consultants in Negros Occidental and Program Technical Team for Technical Consultancy Services

An Orientation and Implementation Review on program and projects of DOST Region VI was held on February 19-20, 2020.  In attendance during the activity were this year’s accredited consultants under the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP)-Technical Consultancy Services.

Primarily, the activity was aimed to orient the consultants of the on-going transition into SETUP 2.0 – a new phase of SETUP implementation.  During the activity, the consultants were also able to provide relevant inputs and feedback on the current implementation of SETUP-Technical Consultancy Services.  A total of 13 consultants actively participated in the activity and were also joined by DOST VI Science and Technology Services personnel.


Presentation of DOST Region VI programs and projects for consultants in Iloilo City

The session for Iloilo-based consultants was held in DOST Region VI Office while the session for Negros Occidental-based consultants was held in Metro Inn Hotel, Bacolod City.