DOST offers training on basic and advanced handloom weaving to interested clients nationwide using resource materials from the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI). PTRI is one of the seven (7) DOST-Research and Development Institutes (RDIs) focused to conduct applied research and development for the textile industry sector, undertake the transfer of completed researches to end-users or via linkage units of the government agencies, and undertake technical services and provide training programs.

One of the training programs offered by PTRI is on basic and advanced handloom weaving. The basic training course involves dressing and operating a handloom using different materials such as abaca, pineapple, buntal, raffia, and commercially available yarns for the production of handwoven fabric while the advance course will focus on the analysis and execution of different weave designs in a handloom with a maximum of 8 harnesses.

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