Having been a DOST consultant since 1999, Engr. Nestor Padilla believes that timely, realistic, and short-term interventions always leave a good impression.

Engr. Padilla is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management Engineering and has a master’s degree in Management Engineering. He is a DOST consultant under the Manufacturing Productivity Extension (MPEX) program and a member of the DOST VI Regional Technical Evaluation Committee. Aside from his affiliation with DOST, he is also the General Manager of Community Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CAPGEM) in Bacolod City.

Engr. Padilla shares that his affiliation with DOST exposed him to new opportunities as a management consultant of various micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as well as large corporations. In many instances, he was hired as a retained or on-call consultant even after the firm’s engagement with DOST.

Likewise, it was through DOST’s MPEX program where Engr. Padilla was able to practice his profession.

“This is where I thoroughly practiced my industrial engineering profession, as well as the application of the stock knowledge I have from my previous employment in First Farmers Food Corporation.  Under the MPEX program, we are fielded as consultant to MSME’s around the region, conduct operations review and recommend interventions (short-term and long-term ones) to improve their efficiency and profitability.”

While business plans and project studies are always part of his daily routine, he still enjoys quality time at home with his family and kids. Not known to many, he is a certified homebody. He likes listening to music, doing household chores, watching TV and movies, and surfing the web for information.

Padilla says being a DOST consultant is rewarding especially when clients implement recommendations or further consult other aspects of their business. Such encounters provide a sense of purpose in one’s chosen career.