Formerly Alvin Bazaar Inc., the firm started to engage in the business of manufacturing doors, windows, and furniture, and other wood handcrafted products but due to lack of proper equipment, the firm was forced to outsource kiln-dried lumber products from nearby cities and sold them to their customers.

With the help of DOST-SETUP, the firm was able to acquire its own furnace-type lumber kiln dryer facility developed by the DOST-Forest Research and Development Institute (FPRDI). DOST also provided for the consultancy services that covered proper plant lay-outing and 5s practices.

With the technology upgrade, Wood Tech did not have to wait for months for their outsourced kiln-dried lumber products. Hence, it can produce its own in a span of only 20 days or so.


Wood Tech became a multi-million enterprise with an annual gross income of Php 13 million. Its stable supply of kiln-dried lumber products enabled the firm to meet the demand for furniture and other wood products among its market base, penetrate markets outside Zamboanga del Sur, and export.

In an interview by the FPRDI with the firm’s owner, Mr. Alvin Ang, he shares:

“Ten years ago, we were simply buying and selling solid panel doors, mouldings, and kiln-dried wood products from Cebu, but our adoption of the dryers allowed us to start a new business – to go into production.”

Wood Tech was also able to generate 110 jobs to skilled workers. Among the fortunate ones was Mr. Henry Villarin. Henry used to work in Cebu with a monthly salary of Php 9,000. Now with Wood Tech, he is earning Php 14,000 plus free education for his children.

Ponciano Niala and Gino Tape, also workers from Wood Tech, are very grateful employees. Because of Wood Tech, they have a stable income at Php 280 per day.

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Photo credits to https://www.facebook.com/woodtech.builders