“DOST has always been a partner for growth of Tumandok Crafts Industries. The S&T interventions have prepared our company for the many challenges it has faced in exporting quality products. The impact of these interventions translated into enhanced quality of products and increased productivity thereby improving the company’s profitability which ultimately resulted to improvements in factory premises and the employees’ quality of life.” ~Josephine T. Locsin, Chief Executive Director

ITumandok Crafts Industries started in 1988 at the height of the sugar industry crisis to help the struggling sugar workers. It manufactures light furniture and furnishings and resin-laminated products made of native materials such as coconut shells, vines, and dried bamboo twigs.

The company availed of various technical assistance from DOST like equipment upgrading, consultancy services and trainings. This greatly improved product quality, increased production volume and reduced hazards in the production area.

Despite the economic crisis in 2009, the company thrived and is now a major manufacturer of gifts and decors in the Visayas.