7 One Expert tips for a good profile photo

7 One Expert tips for a good profile photo

Research has proven that having a good photo makes your profile a couple of times more likely to be viewed by others. For One Expert, social selling or personal marketing as experts and consultants is about instituting credibility. And it all starts with a photo. It’s the first communication you have to potential clients.

Images that not only talks effectively about your profession and service, but appearing competent and trustworthy can gain you a good first impression to a client. Or even with other experts. Try not to leave an impression that you are less than an expert. But that doesn’t mean you have to suit up and get stuffy as well.

You can use One Expert’s recommendations or guides for that key photo to be used in your profile.

1.) Upload a high res photo. We will appreciate it very much if you use a high resolution picture of at least 400 x 400 pixels at 150 dpi. Resize your photo for that top quality image to avoid getting blurred out and rid of those pesky pixels.

2.) Choose a recent photo of you. Don’t attempt to upload a photo of you past three (3) years ago. Your clients would want to see you at your best current state.

3.) Some are not smiling. Don’t you feel great serving people? Well, your clients would like to do business with happy people. Smile and look warm and friendly. Clients want to talk to an approachable consultant.

4.) Center, center, and…and…wait, not too far! And not too close either that your face is the only thing everybody sees. Situate yourself at the center. People would like to see you first in your photo. That photo of you which portrays much of the surroundings rather than tiny you would be great for your travel album. Not here.

5.) Get a great background. Preferably, neutral and not distracting. There must be enough depth between you and your background. Go alone in a photo for your One Expert profile. Too many people in the picture can create an eye sore to viewers and potential clients.

6.) Wear what you would wear to work. No spaghettis, sandos or the likes for your profile photo. Casual off shoulders like you’re in a trip should be reserve for elsewhere, not here. Your wedding tux is for your special day, lest you’re telling people you’re on hold at the moment for a personal event. Wearing a toga, sadly is outdated, and can win you a few clients. Don’t tell us that this is what you wear every day to work. You can suit up if you want but try not to looks so frigid. Go wear something simple yet smart.

7.) NO SELFIES. Save that for social media. You’re here for business. And you have to mean business. If you have trouble getting a good photo, ask someone to get your pictures for you.


So, what’s in a good photo that makes the public trust you, gets you responses, and gives you credibility? The human psyche. Invest on a good profile picture now.